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See more styles that we repaired
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Welcome to Birk Project page 2
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Another Birk Style We Rebuilt
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See grinding machine again
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After the rough cut, we pound with our hammer once again around the edge of the sole and footbed. Then we grind the edge of the sole. Then fine finish the sole.
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After the Fine Grinding, We use the burnishing wheel on the finisher to clean and put a new  hard finish on the leather strap.
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Finished! New Rebuilt Birks...New cork foot bed, and reconditioned "like new" Click to see a split view of front and back
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This shows a common cork repair we do...First we get rid of the old cork, and then replace it with new cork and then apply a coat of glue to seal the surface...Click to see the after repair
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Birkenstock Thong Style Rebuilt
Even When these aren't availiable from Birkenstock, we can rebuild them with a new footbed
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