Birkenstock Project  #1
Hartland Shoe Repair Co. 591 N. HamlineAve @ Thomas  St. Paul MN 55104  651-646-4326  Our Home Page is
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Hi I am Gene from Hartland Shoe Repair. We offer Expert Repairs of Your Birkenstocks
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This Pair of Birks has a major crack in the foot bed. We will completely rebuild these Birks
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This is what they look like apart.
Click to see them glued together
This Shows the new footbeds with the original straps Next we will clean off the glue on Sanding Machine
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Click to see the sole cut
Click to see heat gun
When the glued is activated the footbed is placed together with the soling material
Click to see cutting machine.
We have prepped the cork footbed and now have them glued. When the glue is dry, we will reactivate it with heat.
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Click to see SuperGrip sole, a valuable sole for those working in a kitchen or hospital..