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The woman who owns these shoes wants us to open the toes because her feet swell. There are two ways we can help her. Sometimes we cut them open,and we sew in a loose soft leather. Other times we put a velcro strap on that is adjustable, and still covers the cutout area. We also sew in an elastic piece to keep the tongue in place with the shoe.
This is the shoes before we cut them 1
Now we cut open the shoe. We only cut around to the tip of the toe
Detail of the open shoe. We will sew the toe lining down after we have cut the shoe. Sometimes we cut the lining out.
Here we see the leather straps that we will attach to the shoes.
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The materials we are using The leather straps, and velcro pieces we will be using
Click on Picture to see velcro sewn on.
We are fininished
The selected area shows where we attached an elastic piece to the shoe The other end is sewn into the tongue. This keeps the shoe together.
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Opposite View
We also cleaned and Polished shoes
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