NOTE: We have explicit directions at the bottom of this page, and a coupon for your visit! Hartland Shoe Repair offers shoe care and repair service with Quality in mind and Reasonable prices. Everything from basic shoe repairs such as repairing loose soles, replacing heels, shoe shining, resoling, rip sewing. (elastics, buckles, tassels, bows, eyelets, hooks, velcro repairs). We do ORTHOPEDIC sole elevations, and adaptions, to "EXTREME MAKEOVERS". We love Cowboy Boots! WE also carry boat/deck shoe soles in many styles. (also the lace kits for the deck shoes.) We also install the suede soling used for dance shoes in both the grey and black. Many items such as purses, billfolds, backpacks, tool pouches, are repairable. We have new clasps, rivets in many colors, snaps, buckles; and luggage repairs such as sewing, rivets, buckles, handles, etc. We can sew on decals and patches on leather biker jackets or sports letter jackets... We carry TINGLEY rubber overshoes, both the slip-on kind and the zipper kind, and work styles Many VINYL SOLES ARE SLIPPERY, Ask us how we can replace them. Check out article below about Vinyl soles and heels. Vibram Gumlite soles are a suitable replacement sole with dress, casual, and work styles. We can also install Vibram SOLE GUARDS on most styles of footwear. We have other non- slip soling in various thicknesses and colors. We carry both metal and nylon heel guards. (also the horseshoe steel heel rims) We have many links of Everyday Repairs, Sole Guard, and see some of our work, Visit our many links that show the step by step and before and after pictures. Voted Best place for fixing ladies heels!

CONTACTING US/ PRICE INFO is our website to show you what we do with many photos...that is why we don't have prices posted...I don't have a Cart Feature to order shoe repairs. email us or phone us for prices and address and instructions for mailing, anytime. I have "met" new customers via the web, many States, and a few from other countries! Another source of consumer information for shoe repair customers is SSIA is the national website that is hosted by our national shoe repair representives.They also are on Facebook Also. (many sections with links to articles about buying good shoes, fitting shoes, shoe care suggestions, and a find your local ssia member shoe repair shop feature.)

Click on link to see an example of many styles and colors of spike heels.*not for sale.(We now carry colored spike heels in many sizes(pink, beige,blue, etc! many shapes... Did you know there are so many? Pay Attention to your heel tips. One day the the rubber heel is okay, and the next day the rubber part has been worn off, and the metal pin is showing. Don't wait too long, even one day, because the metal pin or spike will be driven deeper into the heel, and then it will become more difficult to remove. As you walk on just the pin, You drive the metal pin deeper into the tube that holds the pin. If that happens we most likely will have to cut off part of the heel to remove the pin. Most spiky high heels are plastic with a metal pin that is tightly inserted into a metal tube that is usually in the center of the heel block. The majority of heel blocks are covered with a real thin leather, suede, vinyl or cloth. When you over-wear your heels, the heel covering will be damaged. Also, When you delay the repairs, we will have to grind the heels level and lower, and the original balance of the shoe will be altered. (or we will have to replace the heel block, which is quite a bit more costly). So the moral of the story is to find a shoe repair shop that specializes in high heel repairs, then make sure you get the heels replaced as soon as possible. Another tip about high heel shoes, you may notice that the toe tips will also wear out quickly. Have us install sole guards or toe plates, before you wear them. Gene has won an award from the St. Paul Downtowner as the best place to get women's heels repaired.
Click on the link to see a picture of a boot that we installed Heel Shields. (Heel Shields are a shrink wrap tubing. They are applied by shrinking them tightly onto the heel with a heat gun) They come in Clear, Black, and White. Note: Best installation is on the skinnier Stilleto style heels. Heel shields may also be used as an economical repair of scuffed heel covers.

Click on the link to see a picture of a boot that we took off the thin heel, and installed a more stable heel style.

A Personal Message from Gene!
I have Survived owning this shop since the winter of '88/'89! I learned this business for 20 years, before buying this Midway Shop. Along with surviving 2 kidney transplants, I am now trying to survive A major Increase in business! One reason IE: the "Perfect Storm" many shoe shops have gone out of business, or retired, and lots of New customers are thinking about Recycling/Reusing!or are now buying better, repairable shoes! Please allow extra time for us to do your repairs for you! Ask us about Reserving a repair schedule.
Dad's size 14 shoes, a story

A story about Gene's Dad and a brief history of Gene's shoe repair career.
We have been an Authorized Vibram Dealer since 1992! We are featured on Vibram's Website. When you click on the VIBRAM SOlES AND HEELS LINK, you will see a step by step of a pair of men's Dress shoes that we rebuilt with a Vibram Gumlite sole. See the Link below that shows a pair of Timberland boots in a step by step repair, that we used a Vibram sole, for the same repair process. See the sole guard link just below to see what they look like, even on a "Bruno" we have many new styles of soles and heels from Vibram. Come in and see for yourself.
Vibram style Sole Guard


Click on the AUTHORIZED BIRKENSTOCK REPAIR CENTER link to open a new page that shows many kind of Birkenstock Repairs we do. We have been repairing Birkenstock Sandals since 1986. Resole, Repair Cork, Recondition/clean, New insoles, Resizing also, and Mismates! with new footbeds, your older styles that have been discontinued!? just add a new footbed and resole! We also have Birkenstock Buckles. If the front sole is okay, we can replace the heels on the sandals. Also We can increase the life and wear of your Birkenstocks with alternative soles like Vibrams soles! we Can replaced 4 different footbed styles...the original in regular and narrow, Soft footbeds in regular and narrow, and also the inside footbeds for Birkenstock FootPrint Shoes and sandals.What I mean is, the kind that are like a clam shell. The top and bottoms are handsewn together with Waxed thread! NOTW: they discontinued making the shoes, so the soles aren't being made any longer either, while they are still availiable we can do them.

Click on the QUALITY MADE SHOES Link and see a Poster of many kinds of mens Premium shoes that we have Re-Built at Hartland Shoe Repair. Re-crafting™ is also a word you see around the internet,which is an advanced repair. Gene has worked in a shoe factory and knows how to rebuild shoes. What we offer is a Premium Repair for your shoes and boots. When you invest in a premium pair of shoes, when they need to be repaired, you want the repair to look and feel as close to the original as possible. We inspect your shoes more closely because the shoe is completely re-assembled. We inspect the welt and replaced what is needed, and the cork under the insole is replaced.We can replace insoles, if the shoe has the kind we can. We check all stitching that is needed, and clean and recondition them and your shoes are ready to wear. We do our best tomatch the Original sole as much as possible. Premium Shoes and Boots also have Urethane soles that may be repairable. We use Vibram soles for many of them and we have other soles that we can use. Bring In your Allen-Edmonds, Johnston Murphy's, Cole-Hahn's, Rockports shoes, Eccos, Aldens, Red Wings, Timberlands, Tony Lamas, Justin boots, and and we can restore them. Even the new style Red Wings are repairable, many with Vibram soles. Recently we have added new lines of fashionable Rubber soles from GTO, SVIG! check out the new colored soles, also, from Red, to many other colors.
Click to see a pair of Cowboy boots Before and After


Click to see inside our shop to see shoe laces for dress shoes, boots, hiking boots, leather laces and boat shoe lace kits . We have insoles from the simple foam insoles, and odor eaters, to the Tacco Deluxe leather covered, to Athletic contour molded insoles...(up to size 18!) SPENCO, SOF, Memory Foam, Tacco, are some of the insoles and arches we carry. Also shoe fitting aids like tongue pads, heel pads, heel spur pads, halter pads, etc. We can stretch shoes to fit better.Also we carry Cedar Shoe Trees, and boot top shapers.

Click on this link to see a step by step the rebuilding of a Timberland hiking boot. You will see from start to finish the boot taken apart, and rebuilt "like new". Also go to our VIBRAM LINK above and you can see another sequence of photos that shows us repairing a pair of Florsheim shoes that had a molded sole that we were able to repair. Many of Today's glued-on soles can be repaired with this method of repair that we have mastered for over years of practice! You might even consider this an Up-Grade- due to the fact we are making it better than original! See other links, including the one we convert an oxford to a Comfortable shoe in another version of this kind of Repair.

Click on this Link to see a project to see how we adapted a normal orthopedic shoe for a person who has feet that swell differently each day.

First of all, remember to maintain the surface condition of your shoes. You can use a good quality shoe lotion along with polish to keep the leather moisterized and supple so it doesn't dry out. Also we have oder eater style insoles, and shoe fresheners... One of the best ways to keep your shoes looking nice are Cedar shoe trees. First, they work by wicking the perspiration away from the inside of your shoe, into the cedar shoe trees, allowing your shoes to dry out quicker. This keeps the shoes in better condition and keeps stop wrinkles from forming. You can more easily polish your shoes with shoe trees inside. We also suggest sole guards for your thin leather soles, which will give you both more cushioning, and slip resistance, along with added wear. Vibram makes an extremely thin piece of Rubber that is glued onto your shoes. They don't detract from the look of your shoes. Liquid or spray silicone also can help protect shoes from perspiration stains. Don't Forget your Suede shoes, they still need protection with spray protectors, brushing, and cleaners. Please read our shoe shining tips and winter weather tips in the following Link.
Shoe Shining tips and articles about shoe and leather care.
DIY tips. Read Carefully!
Many customers ask me if they can repair their own shoes at home.. If the soles are leather, or rubber, they can be glued at home. First take time to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on the product you are going to use, and make sure you have the TIME NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE JOB! The procedure for contact cements is usually to apply fresh glue to both surfaces that need to be joined together...(make sure both surfaces are clean). Apply a light consistant coat of glue to both surfaces and let both sides dry completely, Make sure you have the edges lined up and press together. *( Special note: If you are gluing something inside the shoe or boot, you have to slide the pieces together while they are still wet so that they are in postion. then let dry slightly and recheck the positioning. You can't slide an insole, for instance, if the glue is dry!)... Excess glue can removed by peeling it away, or using something that you can use like an eraser, or a piece of rubber, or glue thinner. (carefully)
" Vinyl soles and vinyl glue"
If the sole is a Vinyl or plastic kind of sole, YOU NEED A VINYL GLUE! We can sell vinyl glue now in a Retail package. It is more expensive than the Barge contact cements. We have the experiance in using vinyl glues. Super Glue is not flexible. If you are not expert at using Super Glues, you can risk damage to your shoes.(It may crack the shoe or boot-making the job harder for us to undo the damage you did ) bring them in to the shoe shop and ask us, if the super glue should work. But maybe, the shoemaker should repair them for you. Super glue can be used as a toe tip protector on pointy toes shoes. We even have it in a black color that works extremely nice on Black Shoes!
" Home Repairs "
We sell BARGE contact cement in retail size tubes that you can use in your own home repairs. Barge cement is also a good alternate glue for your BIRKENSTOCK cork protection. We can show you how to use it. We can also sell heel guards for those who can install them at home. We also have the glue on non slip material for soles that you can install yourself. Barge Cement can be used for heel pads, sock linings/insoles, tassels, kilts, soles, Velcro, bows, etc. *See Q&A link for more information about do it yourself repairs.

"Stretching Seminar" shows you how stretching works. There are many kinds of stretchers for many kinds of shoes and boots. After reading this page, you will know the difference between shoe trees and shoe stretchers!!

We sell the Old Friends and Chibattas sheep skin slippers in many styles, like the moccasin, hi-top, velcro flip flop, Romo, v-cut boot, and straight boot. We also have two versions of Sandals they make. Much friendlier price than UGGS! SHOE CHAINS BERGSTEIGER STYLE Click to See Bergsteiger. The Picture of the Quick Step version is just the front half of the chains. They are imported, please ask us in advance if we have any, or on order. They are easy to remove when you go indoors or on the bus. Nicer than the spike kins *which we have also.

We carry Urad products. They have 7 colors. For more information about Urad go to our Shoe Shining link above to see more about this amazing product. We also Carry their Tenderly Conditioner. Click on the Links below to see two examples that we restored using Urad Products. We also in both jobs, used the Tenderly product after using the Urad. This always brings the "WOW!" from our Customers!
See a Black purse refinished with Urad (Before and After)

Brown Leather coat Re-Stored With Urad! He actually forgot about his coat he put in his car trunk after changing a tire.(Actual before and After photos).

Click on Fiebings link to see information about the Fiebings products we carry. Fiebings is famous for their dyes, sole edge finishes, and Saddle soap, Kelly Lynn Shoe Polish, many kinds of leather protectors, reconditioners.

WE HAVE A FREQUENT BUYER BONUS CARD! We stamp your card with each purchase, either repairs or Retail...You will Earn a significant discount when you fill up your bonus card. Ask us for more details. ALSO USE IT INDEPENDANTLY FOR DISCOUNTS ON RETAIL ITEMS, even if you don't have a shoe repair!

Coupon cannot be used with any other offer-(Please print with the headers option on printer, to validate coupon - You can use either the color or black and white function. please observe hours listed below, as they are the correct hours.)
Our Hours are Tues- Fri Noon to 6PM and Sat 10AM to 2 PM... WE are always busy, NEW! Ask us about making a RESERVATION to schedule a needed repair in advance! that way, if you can still wear them, they won't be in the shop as long! IE: prepay for 3 pair of Resoles,but leave only one, and wear the other 2 pair until the first pair is done, etc. or if you know you want a Birkenstock rebuilt, We can accept your prepaid order, and we can order the footbed, while you still wear Your Birks!

Gene's Hartland Shoe Repair
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651-646-4326*(feel free to call to see if we have any changes in hours. -bad weather,Holidays,health, etc.)

Tues -Fri Noon to 6PM
Sat - 10 AM to 2PM
Closed Sunday & Monday email is

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Authorized Birkenstock Repair Center

Authorized Vibram Dealer
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NEW UPDATE!! the GreenLine light rail has a staion at Hamline and University Aves, Easily accessible from both Minneapolis, and St Paul. Driving Instructions! Downtown St Paul, Go Westbound from Saint Paul on I-94, Exit at Hamline Ave then proceed to the right at Hamline AVE, going north bound to our shop going past University, til you are at Thomas Ave.In Same Building as Groundswell Coffe, west side of street. From Minneapolis on I-94, go east bound to exit at I-94 at Snelling, at Snelling intersection, turn left, going North to Thomas, (past University Ave) take right turn on Thomas Ave(by the Hamline Playground, and Church) you are now going East on Thomas to Hamline. Turn right onto Hamline, look for parking place.(Alt: When exiting I-94, keep going straight across Snelling, along the frontage road going east (past the Post Office, then turn left at Hamline Ave, Turn left, going north, across the Freeway. (Continue on Hamline to Thomas, across University Ave) From Roseville,and other northern Suburbs, Use Snelling Ave southbound to Thomas, then turn left going east on Thomas Ave to Hamline ave. *or you can use 35 E, to St Paul, and follow instructions from West bound 94 to Hamline exit. you can use 35 W also, connect to Snelling south. Northbound from Southern communities like Mendota,West Saint Paul, use Lexington, Hamline, Snelling, or Fairview northbound...all connect to University Ave from which you can find Hamline, etc. (Ayd Mill Road is now a great connection from 35-E to Hamline, or Snelling.) There is a Super USA convenience store on one corner and Groundswell Coffe on my corner. Next door is Violets Flower and Gift Shops/ and across the street is the GrandPaws Doggie Salon....