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Hartland Shoe Repair Company is an Authorized Birkenstock Repair Center

We can Resole your Birkenstocks with original Birkenstock soling. We can also replace your worn out Cork Footbeds at a fraction of the cost of new Birkenstocks. We can also replace worn-out crusty insoles. We also can fix and replace damaged cork areas. We can replace Damaged Buckles with new buckles. Click on BirkenstockProject and you will go to a step by step repair of a Birkenstock Sandal with a new Footbed.*(use your back button to return to this page)

We are a shoe repair shop that specializes in Birkenstock Repairs. We were a shoe repair business before we learned how to repair your Birkenstocks. That means we have the Shoe Repair "Know How" along with the original Birkenstock Materials.

Birkenstocks are also an ideal shoe for Orthopedic Modifications. If you have mismated feet, we can make a smaller or larger sized extra shoe for you by using a new footbed! We have modified the cork footbeds for some customers by removing the toe ridges off to make them more comfortable. We have also replaced the old footbeds with new softer cushioned style footbeds.

COMPLIMENT YOUR INDIVIDUALITY! Vibram running sole on your Birkenstock sandals for more durability in walking or other recreational activities!

LOOK!Birkenstock Boots We can install a Vibram sole on your Birkenstock boots for more durability that Vibram provides.

If you have a discontinued style or color of leather, and the footbed is all worn out, we can replace the footbed and you will have a new shoe! If your footsize has changed, we can install your new size footbed onto your favorite Birks! (we carry regular and narrows, soft cushioned footbeds and high arch footbeds)


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Molded Soles Can be Replaced!
New FootBed
New Footbed for discontinued styles
Repair worn Cork Areas!