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Samples of othopedic work we do...We try to match the existing soles, so we look for ways of inserting the sole lift into the midsole of the shoe. We cut  open the midsole or sole, and fashion the build up material, and insert it into the midsole...  We will show you a progression of one way we do that. Note: not all shoes are candidates for this type of build up You should ask the shoe store you buy from if you can return the shoes if We can't do it this way.

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After the sole is cut open, we fabricate the
piece of material that
we use for the buildup..Notice the circled area how we preground the material to have the same shape as the original sole.  Notice that we cut under the air pocket so the cut is straight across.  Not all shoes can be done like this, so ask the shoe sales man if you can bring the shoe back if you want us to do this kind of job, but the shoe won't allow.
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We begin this sole elevation by cutting open the midsole...This is going to be a 3/4 inch sole lift... Notice: We keep the toe attached...this helps prevent the sole from coming apart, and tripping the customer.
Next we finish grinding smooth both parts of the shoe to make sure the joint of the two areas will be smooth, before we glue the build up material
The material is glued and attached to the shoe.  Then we glue the new surfaces.. and let the glue dry again
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3 Samples
These are three shoes from the same customer who needed a 5/8 inch sole lift...
Two of them are done the same way as the shoe above. The shoe on the right had the sole removed, a midsole added, and then the build up made, with the sole glued back on the bottom.
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The glue is activated by heat, the soles are pressed together, and the edges of the material are shaped to the original sole...The sole areas are cleaned, and the black sole areas are detailed.  We are finished.
SoleTech Sole
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Black Sport Shoe
This is another sample of the style of an inserted  sole raise..
Click to see a new orthopedic sole for work soes
Front and Back
This picture shows two angles of the same shoe...the front side, and the back.
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