Cleaning or polishing Shoes

*As with all products, it should be tested first on an inside area to make sure it is color is fast.

1.Wash down shoes with a leather shampoo such as Lexol PH Cleaner, or Fiebings Saddle Soap. If you have to remove shoe polish residue, you should use Dyo Spot Remover- It is fantastic with removing tar type marks. (Be advised you may remove some original shoe color also.)

2. With an Applicator Brush or a soft cloth apply Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish that comes in over 50 colors or a wax shoe polish We recommend Kelly’s Lynn Polish. Neutral polish is also available for use on all colored shoes. If the shoes are one of the neutral colored leathers, you may only need to use a leather conditioner like Dyo Leather Balm, or Lexol, or one of the many leather lotions Then go to 3 or 4

3. Brush with a 100% Horse Hair shine brush, using a brisk back and forth motion. Choose a black brush for black, keep a brush for brown (and if you have an extra one for neutral, that would be great) or

4. Use a Shine Cloth in a brisk side to side motion with the shoe on your foot (then flip the cloth horizontally –to go the reverse way). *You may want to have a Shine Butler mounted on a post or on a wall in your work area.

5. Apply Fiebings sole dressing to outside edges of soles and heels. They have sole dressings for either leather or Rubber soles. The Rubber soles can be shiny also, but you have to use a sole dressing for rubber. The leather sole dressing will wash off rubber soles. Allow to dry thoroughly on a brown paper grocery bag. If you get some edge dressing on your shoe, make sure it is dry, then put some of the wax polish on a rag or your finger, to rub off the edge dressing. Works like a charm! You may have to re-shine that part of your shoe. (Practice makes perfect.)

(Optional) 6. Applying A Spray Shine will put on a lasting wax coat and give the shoes a brilliant shine and prevents fingerprints (don’t overdo this as you may cause your shoe to look like a frosted doughnut!!) *Dyo Spot Remover can help remove excess Spray shine

(another suggestion) 7. Storing your shoes with Cedar Shoe Trees allows the moisture to dry while keeping their shape and preventing shrinkage and wrinkles.

White Shoes
Use cleaning steps above before using white shoe polish and then Lexol, or Dyo Leather Balm may be all that you need (Sometime all you need to get rid of black marks is the Dyo Spot Remover- don't try to cover them up, try to remove them) *Remember not to rub too hard and take the finish off the leather. If you do, don't worry, just use your polish, either white or neutral or if necessary use white Nulife Spray dye to finish.

Lexol PH cleaner applied liberally to patent leather cleans and makes them look shiny again.( Also Lincoln E-Z cleaner, and Esquire Patina Cleaner

To keep your jacket looking good and the leather healthy periodically condition it with Lexol Conditioner or Meltonian Leather Lotion or Dyo Leather Balm. *Another excitingly new product is Urad Leather Refinish and Tenderly- Conditioner.

*The leather can also be treated with a Water and Stain Protector such as Meltonian to help protect it from the elements.

*(The leather conditioners mentioned above cannot be used on suede!) We do recommend using an all-protector (non silicone) such as Meltonian Rain and Stain to help keep the suede clean and protect it from staining. *As with all products, it should be tested first on an inside area to make sure it is color is fast. When applying, hold the can about 8" from the jacket, preferably outside on a dry, warm day. Spray the whole jacket evenly, let dry thoroughly and repeat. The jacket should be treated periodically to keep it looking its best. Silicone Water-Guard and other silicone sprays are an excellent water repellent also but can darken the leather so don't forget to test first, always. When absolutely necessary leather and suede jackets can be professionally dry cleaned, however, this process can dry out the leather.

Lightly soiled leather handbags can be shampooed with Lexol PH Cleaner. A liquid cleaner that not real harsh is Lincoln E-Z Cleaner. After cleaning, the leather needs to be conditioned to make it soft and restore the oils. With a soft cloth apply either Lexol Conditioner or Meltonian Leather Lotion to the entire bag . Meltonian Shoe Polish also has good stain color and is very useful by rubbing it in with your finger in areas that are more worn. (Sometimes it is easier to do a section at a time!) The polish allows the leather to accept the dye (*See note below). Let dry and buff with a clean soft cloth.

*If you wish to apply a little dye to the bag to touch up some worn spots do so before conditioning it. Nulife Spray Dye is a retail dye that you can buy to use as a spray color.

Another excitingly new product is Urad Leather- Refinish and Tenderly- Conditioner that is fabulous for purses, especially when you use Tenderly after applying the Urad Refinish.!

1. If dirty, vacuum well.
2. Wash down with Lexol Ph Cleaner. Let dry thoroughly.
3. With a soft cloth or applicator pad apply a thin coat of Lexol Conditioner. Let dry and buff with a soft cloth, repeat 2 times. This will soften and condition leather but, unfortunately, it will not protect it from the sun's UV rays .If I ever find anything that can I'll let you know. –If they are not dirty you can just apply the Lexol Conditioner and they will look great. Doing this regularly will keep the leather healthy and prevent drying and cracking. Another product is Urad .It comes in neutral and 6 other colors, and wipes on real nice with a scrap piece of upholstery foam rubber. It makes the leather real smooth, not sticky! Then Finish with Urad's Tenderly.

Every product mentioned here has been used by Hartlandshoes. Your experience may vary, but it takes practice, and patience, and creativity

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