We carry SHOE SHINE KITS, and shoe shining supplies. We carry the Rochester Cedar Shine Box kit and Kiwi Shine Box Kits. The shine kits we carry are the empty ones because we feel that we can give you the best choice by letting you from our selection of Kelly's Wax polish and Meltonian Creme Polish. We also have travel shine kits. We are also a dealer for the Beck Electric Shoe Polishers, the choice of Executives World Wide. (By Special Order)

We also carry Kiwi Premier Polish in Liquid and Shine Sponges and Hoffco Polish.


We have edge dressings for both leather and rubber, regular and Pro shine brushes and wool polishers; polish and Saddle Soap daubers.

We have liquid and spray cleaners for both suede and smoother leathers. Also we have the suede brushes and suede stone/erasers, and the Meltonian Suede Renew spray color, and Fiebings Suede Renew Liquid Dye.

URAD's Website

Urad is a leather conditioner that comes in black, neutral, and 5 other colors...It is very user friendly. We have been using it on purses, and shoes and boots for over 3 years and is my favorite shoe finishing product (instead of spray finishes) Tenderly from URAD is a product you can use as a conditioner after you put on Urad, or you can use it with any new leather item that you just purchased. Use it on purses, shoes, boots, belts, chaps, and coats. Check out URAD.COM, to see many stories about satisfied customers who have used the URAD family of products.

We have cleaners for Patent Leather also.

We carry Fiebings shoe care products like saddle soap, Neatsfoot Oil, Snow Proof paste sole edge dressings, leather dye, suede dye and more.

We have Lexol product, the leather conditioner, their pH leather cleaner, and their Lexol with Neatsfoot Oil.

We also carry NorVgen oils, both the Oil and paste


This is a study sponsered by Motorcycle Consumer News that compares 22 different leather preservative products-their claims and the results that the editors accomplished by using the products, and how they rated them, using a pH scale that considers how well the products help the leather.

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