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1• This is the way the sorel boots look before we start to repair them...the sole wasn't just coming loose, it was crumbling underneath it all. It wasn't a candidate just to glue the sole.

2• First we pull, and cut off the old sole material... Sometimes we use an Electric Knife

3• This is what the boot looks like with one of the soles removed... Sometimes we use a Bandsaw

4• We remove all the old lasting tacks before we can sew the midsole on, then we sand off the old sole material. Then we re-dye the sanded edges and burnish the leather so it looks finished when the sole is done

5• The midsole and boot is glued and let air dry...we glue in a cork jimmie for added comfort

6• We hand trim the midsole, We use a finger for a guide to determine how much to leave of midsole

7• We want the toe to look just right...the better we trim it, the better the stitching turn out

8• The shank area also is critical. It has to be trimmed to follow the edge of the boot and the insole inside

(The stitching will folow both the edge of the midsole, and the edge of the insole inside the boot.)

9• We remove the padded insole, Then midsole is sewn on with an insole stitcher...we sew two lines for durability. The stitches go through the midsole and boot leather, and insole, at the same time.

10• We add a second midsole in some cases, for extra durability,then we stitch the two midsoles around like we are sewing a welted boot

11• The Sorel Boot is Finished- a Durable, yet Comfortable Vibram Gumlite Sole

Many of the Molded soles of Todays boots can be repaired this way.

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