Timberland Project Part 2
Hartland Shoe Repair Co,

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After the soles are pounded together, We use a lip knife to trim off the excess sole material . Next we use the 5-in-1 machine that rolls around the edge of the sole and heel to tighten the sole more.
After the soles are in the sole press, we are in the final stages of finishing the sole edges...first we rough grind the sole and then use the smooth sandpaper wheel to finish the sole job.
Now we place the sole into the mechanical sole press...this makes  uniform  pressure around the entire sole and sets the glue stronger. All the steps above when done accurately, makes the final sanding job better.
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Finished   This is the Vibram Gumlite #1705 (Stowe)...It is one of our most popular replacement soles
Front and back view of the finished sole...Click on the picture to see the Detail on how we edged the midsole . We then cleaned, shined and weatherproofed them.
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