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SSIA Member Authorized Vibram Dealer since 1992
Birkenstock Repair Center since 1988
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We are a Urad DealerUraf

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Go to HartlandNews! for pictures that show what Urad Can Do.

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If one of these pictures peaks your interest about a certain kind of repair, no question is too small. We now strongly suggest that you use the USPS priority shoe box for sending us one pair of shoes...email us for more suggestions...

Warm Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin Slippers

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Allen Edmond Rebuilding

Click on picture to EnlargeA/E Shoes

Recrafting Shoes Poster

Shoe Care for Winter
Dads Size14 Shoe Story
Rubber Boots

We Still Repair Clark Wallabees


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Shoe Chains Split View

We Love Cowboy Boots

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J&R Premiun Leather Soles

J R Inlays

Ask for these on your Premium Shoes, like A/E, Alden, Florsheim

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We can Repair Your Gokey Shoes! Gene used to work there.

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